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Receive up-to-date safety news, insights, tips and recommendations to occupational health and safety regulations and more! If you had to compile this information internally, the cost would exceed $5,000. Subscribe today!

Don’t Wait for the OSHA Inspector to Find a Violation

It could cost you $70,000. Let us conduct a FREE safety audit. We’ll provide you with a complete hazard assessment and specific guidelines for meeting current federal and/or state safety standards. Don’t gamble with your livelihood!

Safe Workers Improve Your Bottom Line

Trained workers are healthier and more productive. At Compliance Safety, we customize our training programs to address your specific objectives and the unique demands of your business. Whether you have one employee or one thousand, size doesn’t matter; safety does.

Accidents Happen

No matter how careful you are or how well trained your workforce, accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Protect your business with an independent investigation and/or expert testimony by an OSHA authorized trainer with 30 years of experience in occupational safety. When an accident happens at your workplace, make ours the second number you call.

Membership Has Its Rewards

Our industry seminars provide invaluable information to members of trade associations and business groups. Attendees learn about the latest OSHA rules and regulations as well as where to find the materials/services to keep them OSHA compliant. These seminars are provided at no or minimal cost. Call today for more information.

Welcome to Compliance Safety, your safety partner for life.

At Compliance Safety, we work to keep your employees safe. Safe workers are healthier and more productive. They miss less time due to injuries and accidents. As a result, workers’ compensation claims and your insurance premiums are lower. Your workers and your business thrive.

For Non-Compliance, Fines Are Only the Tip of the Iceberg

The real financial damage occurs when safety violations are used as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit. This could bankrupt your company, waste all your years of hard work and destroy the legacy you had planned to leave your family. Read More»

Services to Protect Your Business and Your Bottom Line

Compliance Safety offers a full array of safety products and services including:

Workplace Safety Audit: Provides a complete hazard assessment of your site or facility.

Safety Training: A custom employee training program to address your specific objectives and the unique environment of your site/business.

Expert Investigation & Testimony: For many clients, ours is the second phone number dialed after 911, when a serious workplace incident occurs.
Online Services like our Weekly Safety Meeting: Meets OSHA requirements for weekly updates to your safety plan and includes useful information concerning the latest/proposed OSHA requirements (available in English and Spanish).

OSHA Seminars: Provides valuable information to trade groups and business associations across a variety of industries including home and commercial construction, electrical contracting and engineering, mining and manufacturing to name a few.

Don’t Put Your Business and Your Workers At Risk!

Contact Compliance Safety Today! We’re familiar with all the latest federal and state regulations covering general industry, construction, maritime, agriculture and record keeping as it relates to the reporting of work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses.

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